Dutch boat specialist Riva-World has completed an extensive restoration project of the fastest Riva Aquarama in the world.

It's far from being an ordinary boat as the Riva Aquarama seen in these attached pics was commissioned by Ferruccio Lamborghini. It was built 45 years ago over a period of just three months and has now been brought to its original condition by Riva-World. They purchased it from a Dutch Riva collector who previously bought the boat in 1993 when the Lamborghini founder passed away.

The restoration process took three years during which the boat received no less than 25 coatings, a fully repaired wooden hull and reupholstered seats. All the buttons and switches were taken off, repaired and then put back together, while the chrome parts are now shiny as they were four and a half decades ago

At its heart are two V12 4.0-liter engines from the beautiful Lamborghini 350 GT. Each engine produces 350 bhp (261 kW) which enables this example to be the quickest Riva Aquarama ever made, managing to hit a top speed of 48 knots whereas the standard versions top out at 40 knots.

A video can be seen at the attached source link below.

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