Unsurprisingly, the demand for the 2014 Corvette Stingray far outweighs the supply and has led to calls for production to be increased. However, officials have stated General Motors has not plans to increase production which will likely lead to a lot of frustrated customers who will have to remain patient.

The news stems from Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter who confirms the Bowling Green Assembly Plant that is solely responsible for producing the 2014 Corvette will continue to output the current 160 units per day.

"We've seen this again and again. You bring out a new Corvette and the demand is sky-high at the beginning, and then it tapers off," said Juechter. "It's not worth making that investment [of a second shift], even though for a while we make a lot more money getting those cars out there."

As a result of the decision, inpatient customers will likely need to pay a high premium over the base price to get their hands on the sports car. The current waiting list for the Corvette Stingray is believed to be around 6 months with pricing announced to start at $51,995 for the coupe and $56,995 for the convertible


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