Mercedes-Benz is proud to announce September was the company’s best-selling month in existence.

The German marque managed to deliver 142,994 cars across the globe which represents the highest figure in its 87-year activity. This impressive number was possible thanks mostly to the A-Class lineup (including CLA) and the heavily facelifted E-Class. Half of the sales were in Europe where Mercedes-Benz sold 71,085 vehicles, while in Asia they sold 39,013 cars.

Out of all Asia, China holds the number one spot with a 21.2 percent sales increase to 20,375 cars. However, Japan was the firm’s fastest-growing market as sales rose by 31.4 percent, and in United States they sold 24,697 units in September which represents a seven percent hike compared to the same month of last year.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz says September was best-selling month ever

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