2 new photos of the recently released Volkswagen Golf GTi W12 650 Concept car.

Last Friday saw plenty of jaws hitting table-tops across the globe when the 2007 Worthersee VW-Audi meet brought us the VW Golf GTi W12 650 concept. Of course, released by VW almost simultaneously, the Golf Pirelli was hot, and the Audi TT Speedster was even hotter but VW's mother 12 cylinder found in the Bentley Conti GT and Phaeton, squeezed into a Golf was the pièce de résistance. However, the only let down was the fact that no interior photos of this ridiculously good looking concept were released. A YouTube video soon followed and now, we bring you actual engine shots! Feast your eyes on the massive carbon fiber fan shroud, encasing large dual fans reminiscent of a hovercraft, as well as the surrounding carbon fiber work!

VW Golf GTi W12 Engine Photos