Caterham recently announced plans to offer city cars and crossovers and a new report is indicating those models depend on partnerships.

Speaking with Autocar, Caterham Chairman Tony Fernandes said the company will rely on partnerships to expand their lineup. As he explained, “With a car joint venture, we would, in some ways, be leasing other people’s technology by sharing platforms and using factories that have already been built." He added Caterham can save "hundreds of millions of pounds in tooling" by working with another automaker that already has a plant and a production line setup. Fernandes went on to say this is important because it will make the models affordable which would be virtually impossible if they did everything in-house.

Despite being based on another company's product, Fernandes said all new models would have a clear identity and retain Caterham's “lightweight, fun” characteristics.

Gallery: Caterham's future models to depend on partnerships - report

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