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The presence of tiny homes and overlanding have seemingly taken the world by storm. One man has taken a DIY approach to be able to reap the best of both worlds. YouTuber Tiny Home Tours takes us through a custom overlanding camper built by family man Bob.

He wanted to be able to explore campsites that were previously unreachable with pedestrian class-A recreational vehicles. Therefore, he took a DIY approach to the wonderful world of overlanding. While many overlanding vehicles are suitable to house a few people onboard, he wanted to be able to take the whole family with him for offroad adventures. 

The bread and butter of the vehicle is an old 6x6 military vehicle classified as a BMY M923A2; the U.S. Army’s rather complex way of identifying a 6x6 troop carrier. The BMY is powered by an 8.3-liter turbocharged Cummins diesel engine. While the engine itself is unmodified, Bob chose to install an air conditioning system which wasn’t previously available in U.S. Army trim. 

As is the case with most overlanding vehicles, interior space is at a premium and must be carefully thought out. Bob’s vehicle is no exception boasting plenty of storage and sleeping space for excursions. Along with ample space inside, the vehicle is outfitted with all of the kitchen trimmings normally found in a full blown house; sink, stove, fridge, freezer, you name it, this vehicle has it.

6x6 Overlander

While yes, there is ample space for many interior amenities, there is one that had to be slightly compromised. This ended up being the bathroom/shower area. Even though the facilities get the job done, there's no denying this area of the vehicle is quite small. Bob raised a good point that a majority of the time isn’t spent in the bathroom, so why take up space that could be used for other activities?

It’s no surprise that Bob’s creation has our inner overlander crazier than a dog chasing down  spilled treats. However, it has to be said that this project was an incredible undertaking. Even with extensive experience as a mechanical engineer, this was a 2.5-year endeavor. Bob strongly recommends that people without his level of experience should purchase a pre-built pedestrian equivalent of the vehicle he created.

While we are smitten over the military overlanding fusion seen in this vehicle we want to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below. 

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