Mercedes-Benz has found a clever way of showcasing its Magic Body Control high-tech suspension system.

They used chickens to prove a Mercedes-Benz fitted with Magic Body Control remains comfortable even though the car is being driven on bumpy roads. The main idea behind this advanced suspension technology is to recognize the vehicle's load and adjust its level accordingly. It can increase the ground clearance by as much as 40mm, while the stereo camera installed at the same level of the interior rearview mirror can analyze the road surface ahead and send data to the control unit to make the necessary suspension adjustments.

Mercedes-Benz mentions all these changes are done in just fractions of seconds in order to ensure a smooth ride experience regardless of terrain. It can be had on the flagship 2014 S-Class where it improves the car's stability in difficult wind conditions to maintain the vehicle in its lane. In addition, bodywork oscillations caused during accelerating, braking and steering are almost eliminated thanks to the Active Body Control (ABC) suspension.

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