Chinese automaker Qoros is proud to announce the 3 Sedan is the safest car tested this year by Euro NCAP.

It represents the first car produced by a Chinese automaker which managed to grab all five stars and at the same time is one of the highest-scoring cars ever tested by Euro NCAP. The vehicle obtained an impressive 95 percent in adult occupation protection and 87 percent in child occupation. Its safety assistance systems (a novelty for 2013) achieved an 81 percent level while pedestrian production stands at 77 percent.

As a result, the Qoros 3 Sedan obtained an 88 percent overall result which is worthy of the five-star rating. It is a pleasant surprise coming from a virtually new and unknown Chinese manufacturer, a country where the automotive industry doesn't pay much attention to safety.

Additional details are provided in the attached press release.

Gallery: Qoros 3 Sedan is the safest car of 2013 tested by Euro NCAP

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