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Are you an affluent connoisseur of luxury who also enjoys a spot of billiards every now and again? Perhaps you’re a Rolls-Royce owner who idolizes Fast Eddie Felson, though if you have a six-figure car in the garage, you probably don’t need to be a pool hustler on the side. Then again, one can buy a 30-year-old Rolls for surprisingly little cash, but if that’s your ticket to being a Rolls-Royce owner, this $250,000 table is way out of your league. Did we just say $250,000 ... for a pool table? Yes, we did.

This undeniably cool-looking table comes from 11 Ravens, and it offers us mere mortals a glimpse into the secret world of “luxury goods enthusiasts.” That’s a direct quote from a press release from 11 Ravens describing folks who pay gobs of cash for spiffy stuff, and this pool table is aimed specifically at Rolls-Royce owners. In fact, owning a Rolls-Royce is a prerequisite for buying this table, but even then, only five will be available. Still, at a cost of $250,000 each, that’s a million bucks worth of nine-ball action.

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Aside from the design, what makes this table so special? Admittedly, this is a sweet setup that uses an aluminum frame with black Lucite panels and 14-carat-gold sheets. It’s got crystals with some fancy name we can’t pronounce, LED lights all over the place, and naturally, there’s a custom set of balls and cue sticks to go with it.

For those who simply can’t fathom spending a quarter of a million dollars for a pool table, this is actually a 3-in-1 deal. The pool table also converts to a ping pong table, and if you want to have a nice meal on something more expensive than many houses, it can function as a dinner table, too. That totally justifies the price.

This table is a reimagined offering of an 11 Ravens design called the Stealth. As the name suggests, it’s inspired by stealth aircraft, and unlike this extremely limited edition Rolls-Royce version, it is listed on 11 Ravens’ website along with a host of other items. There’s no mention of price, but if you have to ask … you know the drill.

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Los Angeles -- (Apr. 23, 2020) Known for crafting custom luxury gaming tables for celebrities and household names, 11 Ravens has revisited its most popular design to create and announce the Stealth R11 to the general public. This design was offered exclusively via the recently launched WHISPERS, a private social network and shopping experience solely for Rolls-Royce owners. The Stealth pool table has, for three years running, been the brand’s #1 seller and a favorite amongst 11 Ravens’ A-List clientele. Drawing influence from the Stealth Bomber aircraft, the Stealth R11’s bold aesthetic and striking stance exude unwavering confidence and leaves an ever-lasting impression.

As a limited release of only 5 tables, the Stealth R11 was made exclusively for purchase by Rolls-Royce customers and ran for $250,000. The table, much like a Rolls-Royce, is the ultimate status symbol for luxury goods enthusiasts. Owners of the limited-edition table will understand why the Stealth R-11 is the luxury car of gaming tables.

The Stealth R-11 features a premium-grade aluminum frame, black-tinted lucite panels adorning the entire table, 14 carat gold sheets adding a brilliant luster to the base, Swarovski crystals surrounding the rails and LED lights for the ultimate illumination of the Stealth’s beautiful shape and fine details. Along with custom balls and cue sticks, the table will come with a ping pong and dining conversion top to provide multi-functionality. Precision engineered and uncompromising in style, the Stealth R-11 takes 11 Ravens’ luxury design to the next level. Regarding the release of the Stealth R-11, 11 Ravens Owner Michael Zaretsky states, “I’ve been wanting to revisit this very popular table for some time now. To be able to offer such a striking collection to Rolls-Royce owners exclusively made the design process just that much more exciting.”

About 11 Ravens: Eleven Ravens, LLC, is the premier manufacturing company for custom-made game tables in the United States. Each element in their limited-edition tables is carefully handcrafted, sanded, polished and fitted by skilled artisans. Founded in 2011 by a professional table tennis player and several dedicated advocates of the sport, 11 Ravens' use of ultra-sophisticated design and dedication to superior quality produces a handmade product that is in a class of its own.

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