The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is already available with an all-wheel-drive powertrain for folks looking for more traction, and now shows off upgrades to make the van more rugged for customers who want to go even farther off the grid. 

The Vansports Sprinter gets several pieces of underbody protection that guard the engine, transmission, and rear differential using 8-millimeter or 6-millimeter thick aluminum panels, depending on the section. To shield the exterior, there are tubular rocker panels in matte black, and fender protectors cover the wheel arches. The van rides on 18-inch, five-spoke wheels with a black finish and chunky, all-terrain tires wrap around them. The company sells these components as a set for €7,780 ($8,403 at current exchange rates). As an option, there are diamond-pattern metal plates that defend the entrance into the side door and rear.

Gallery: Vansports.DE, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4

Vansports is working on some future upgrades for the Sprinter. The company plans to introduce a roof rack with work lights on it. An intake snorkel would improve the van's water wading depth. Rock sliders are also under development.

The Sprinter is a common platform for creating motorhomes, and parts like this would be a step into modifying one into an overlander. If building your own rig, isn't your style, then there are companies that build ready-made vehicles. For example, Storyteller Overland offers a machine with a battery system strong enough to run air conditioning overnight, and there's a shower that works either outside or in the vehicle. Alternatively, Outside Van has a concept for an off-roading RV that has a focus on being lightweight and efficient.

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PRESS RELEASE – VANSPORTS.DE, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 (W907)
VANSPORTS.DE: Sprinter goes off-road

For more than a quarter of a century, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has earned a reputation as THE universal, dynamic van. Just like the VW Golf has for compacts, the name Sprinter has even become somewhat synonymous with its vehicle type. The specialists at Heinz Hartmann GmbH quickly identified the lifestyle potential hidden away in the successor to the legendary Mercedes-Benz T1, also known as the “Bremer Transporter”. In 2003, they presented the HARTMANN SP1 with lowering and wide wheels, preempting the birth of the VANSPORTS.DE brand. In the years since the brand was launched, Heinz Hartmann GmbH has used it to individualize the exteriors and interiors not only of Sprinters but also of Vito, Citan, V-Class and even X-Class models.

After gathering experience of off-road modifications with the W447 (V-Class / Vito), VANSPORTS.DE has now modified the third-generation Sprinter (W907) for off-road use. These upgrades are available immediately.

Sprinter 4x4 as the basis

Daimler provided the perfect basis for this off-road model with its Sprinter 4x4. Even ex-works, the Sprinter 4x4 offers “composure in rough terrain” with its all- wheel drive, complete with 4ETS electronic traction system and available with an optional low-range gear reducer. Higher suspension lift than in standard Sprinter models – an increase of 11cm on the front axle and 8cm on the rear – provides ample chassis clearance and a ramp angle suited to off-road driving.

The Sprinter 4x4 leaves the factory with standard tires for road surfaces, which would soon prove limiting in next to no time when driven off-road. In light of this, and given the damage that rugged terrain could cause to the underbody technology in next to no time, the upgrades offered by VANSPORTS.DE are the perfect solution for a Sprinter set to be used as a universal workhorse in fields and forests, on construction sites, or as a 4x4 motorhome.

More traction and off-road protection

Solid KRONA 18" light-alloy wheels with deep-tread, all-terrain tires measuring 265/60R18 (load index 119 = 1,360kg) mean the VANSPORTS all-wheel Sprinter offers impressive traction even off the beaten track – as our photos emphatically show. We were grateful to have the opportunity to send the VANSPORTS Sprinter to tackle the off-road course at the ADAC Driving Safety Center in Grevenbroich. While milled underbody protectors made from 8mm and 6mm thick aluminum protect the engine, transmission, and rear differential unit against damage in rugged terrain, the fender protectors – which blend in harmoniously with the Sprinter’s design – protect the bodywork against unwanted scrapes and stone chips. Matt black side rocker panels beef up the Sprinter 4x4 further still in both visual and technical respects. Meanwhile, optional StarBlack strips available in all sprinters protect the door sill and trunk.

The VANSPORTS exterior modifications for the Sprinter 4x4, including all parts named above, are available for €7,780 incl. 19% VAT.

Further off-road upgrades in the pipeline

What’s more, the VANSPORTS.DE range of off-road upgrades for the Sprinter is set to be expanded. Planning is currently underway on a sturdy, visually striking roof rack, work lights across the width of the van and an intake snorkel for driving through deep water, plus rock sliders to protect the sides of the Sprinter from below. With all these upgrades, the all-wheel van really will be fully kitted out for an off-road adventure!