The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the creativity of car brands outside of their usual comfort zones of, well, making cars. Some companies resolve to promote social distancing through alteration of their emblems, others went out of the box and made coloring pages for both the kids and their parents to enjoy while in quarantine. Others, like BMW, even created print-out puzzles and board games for those who have reached the utmost peak of boredom.

If you're into papercrafts, there are car-related stuff, too. We've reported six retro-flavored Toyota 86 paper models before, as well as Mazda's paper-take on the MX-5 Miata. Now, it's Nissan's turn to join the fray with its 370Z Nismo premium papercraft.


Gallery: Nissan 370z Nismo Papercraft

Revealed on Nissan Japan's website, the marque gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity with the 370Z Nismo papercraft. The whole thing is incredibly detailed and can be downloaded in PDF for you to print out, along with a complete set of instructions. Since it's taking Nissan too long to release the 400Z, which honestly feels like waiting for Tool's newest album, maybe this one would suffice for now?

Nissan Papercraft

Anyway, the papercrafts on Nissan's website aren't limited to the 370Z. Practically the whole Nissan lineup is available for download – from the small Nissan Pivot electric cars up to the GT-R Nismo, even up to the brand's commercial and passenger vans.

Even better, you have the option to either download the PDF in black and white so you can paint on the model yourself, or you can download images that you can paint digitally before printing. If you're looking to do something fun while stuck in your houses during this crisis, recreating the whole Nissan lineup in paper isn't such a bad idea at all.

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