Yes, you read the title correctly. In the video above, YouTuber Garage 54 traps a BMW 3 Series in the biggest ice cube we’ve ever seen. The question remains, can the Bimmer unfreeze itself?

Proceedings begin with the creation of a massive ice cube, which was simple but time consuming. The worker in the video first creates a mold around the car which will hold the water. After the mold is constructed, rather than filling it all the way which would take ages, the mold is filled incrementally with small layers of water that are frozen one-by-one. Before filling the mold, the entire car is wet down to form a primer ice layer.

Before you go down to the comments and ask how the engine will start and run if the car is frozen, the Garage 54 geeks thought of a simple way around that issue. Prior to the freezing process, the engine was fitted with a snorkel to clear the ice. Rather unsurprisingly, a remote starter cable was also installed so it could be fired up from the outside.

Unfortunately, the 3 Series couldn’t be frozen into a perfect ice cube because of warmer temperatures, but they did get close; The ice around the car was cube shaped until about halfway up the vehicle. While it was an imperfect cube, the amount of ice around the car is simply staggering. According to the video, forming such a large ice cube took over a month.

bmw 3 series ice cube

After the freezing process was finished, the big moment for the frigid Bimmer finally came. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t initially successful. The starter motor was clicking, but there was no luck in getting the car to run. The diagnosis was that a bit of water had fried or seized some components in the engine after the warmer temperatures limited the ice forming.

After a long compilation of slicing through the ice with a chainsaw to get to the engine bay, it was found that the engine pulleys and flywheel were completely seized with ice. After warming everything back up and refreezing the car, it finally started. Even more impressive, the goal of melting the ice around the vehicle was successful. Mostly, anyway.

While the axles were seized, the mighty Bimmer did unfreeze itself. Would you have done anything differently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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