In our modern age of electronics and short attention spans, it’s easy to overlook the art that is woodworking. This is one of those activities that’s easy to do – anyone can grab a chunk of wood and start hacking away at it – but it’s exceedingly hard to master. However, when you do master it, the results can be simply stunning.

Case-in-point is this extraordinary scale model of a Ford F-150 Raptor, made almost entirely of wood with opening doors, hood, tailgate, and a fully functional suspension. If Amalgam Collection ever decided to swap diecast metal for wood, we suspect the end-result would be something like this.

We’ve actually seen this work before. Woodworking Art on YouTube has a plethora of insane wood vehicles and a few weeks back we featured an exquisitely detailed Toyota Land Cruiser. As impressive as that project was, it didn’t have springs for suspension or bearing sets for the meticulously crafted wheels to roll with ease. Then again, the Raptor’s claim-to-fame is its cushy long-travel suspension that lets the truck tackle trails at speed, and this model faithfully recreates that feature. Aside from screws and coverings for the windshield and taillights, those are the only non-wood items in this project.

Gallery: Ford F-150 Raptor Wood Model

It all starts with a big pile of wood and sketches. From there, the build involves power tools as well as hand-carving to create individual pieces that are ultimately assembled. In the process, the truck is mocked up several times to ensure the proper fitment of items like the hood, doors, roof, and tailgate.

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As for detail work, you’ll find the Raptor’s body lines faithfully carved and recreated, not to mention the intricate mesh grille and tire tread designs. The tailgate even has a functioning version of Ford’s integrated tailgate step, and when everything goes together, the fitment of all the moving parts is exceptional.

The video runs just over 10 minutes, and frankly, it makes such a project look easy. Don’t be fooled, however – we aren’t told how long the build actually takes but it’s certainly hours upon hours from start to finish. And the fact that it looks easy means this individual is a supremely skilled craftsman with tools, talent, and patience.  We can’t wait to see what’s next on the agenda for this workshop.

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