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The 2020 Lexus GS Black Line comes to the United States as a limited run of 200 sedans with more style than the normal model. This might be the last hurrah for the model in the country because the automaker has an announcement in Japan saying that production ends in August 2020. reached out to Lexus to find out if the model is also going away in the United States. "We are constantly evaluating model mixes throughout our lineup. In the declining sedan segment, GS family has represented a small amount of sales in the last few years," Amanda Roark from Lexus Product Communications told us.

Gallery: Lexus GS Black Line Edition

The new Black Line special edition uses the GS 350 F SPORT as a starting point with either rear- or all-wheel-drive layouts. The body is available in either Ultra White or Caviar, and the company dresses the exterior in high-gloss black trim for the mirror caps, grille inserts, and trunk lip spoiler. It rides on black wheels with five sets of double spokes.

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Inside, there are black leather seats with red stitching. Red leather covers the door panels, steering wheel, and sides of the center console. There's also Alcantara on the instrument panel, console, and armrests. Bits of carbon fiber trim also adorn the cabin.

As a final high-class touch, the Black Line edition comes with two pieces of Zero Halliburton. The interiors of them have a lining showing the Intersect by Lexus Spindle Grille Art, and there are leather sections with the embossed Lexus logo.

Lexus will announce the Black Line edition's price closer to the model's launch this summer.

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Visual enhancements to exterior wheels, calipers, mirror caps, grille, spoiler
Available in Caviar or Ultra White exterior colors
Black, red interior with carbon fiber ornamentation
Limited production of 200 vehicles in summer 2020
PLANO, Texas (April 23, 2020) – With signature Gloss Black F SPORT wheels and orange brake calipers available on RWD models, the 2020 Lexus GS 350 F SPORT Black Line Special Edition rolls into the lineup for summer. Available in both AWD and RWD, the 2020 Lexus GS Black Line combines the signature power and responsiveness with a daring look to catch the attention of other drivers.

For added pleasure while driving, the 2020 GS Black Line builds on the 350 F SPORT model combining track-tuned chassis enhancements with exclusive interior and exterior features. From the Gloss Black F SPORT wheels to the Gloss Black grille inserts in the front and a specialized black spoiler in the rear the GS Black Line is sure to attract the right kind of attention. Contrasting against the Ultra White or Caviar exterior colors, guests will find the black outer mirror caps top off the smooth appeal of the muscular 3.5-liter V6 sedan.

The GS Black Line sets the mood as soon as guests open the door with red accents on the door panels, steering wheel and center console. Contrasted with Black Leather on the contoured seat surfaces with Rioja Red accent, the feel of the Black Line family creates a sense of luxury and exhilaration. Guests can also enjoy the special edition carbon fiber ornamentation to bring a more attention to the red stitching on the dash, seats and center console. Additionally, the Alcantara trim on the instrument panel, console and armrest finish out the balance of traditional and sportiness for a truly Lexus attention to detail.

A first for the Black Line series, Zero Halliburton has designed a two-piece luggage set exclusively for Lexus. The Edge Lightweight Collection for Lexus builds on the excellence Zero Halliburton is known for with several distinctive customized features, including a cushion-cut, chrome  logo badge laser-etched with Zero Halliburton for Lexus, sumptuous interior lining embroidered with the Intersect by Lexus Spindle Grille Art and interior compression panels with a Lexus embossed leather logo badge. The custom Lexus Black Line Zero Halliburton luggage set includes an Edge Lightweight 22” Continental Carry-on and a 26” Medium Travel Case, both in black.

Starting this summer, Lexus will produce a limited run of 200 GS 350 F SPORT Black Line Special Edition vehicles in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models. Pricing will be posted closer to the on-sale date.


"Eternal Touring", a special edition car, set for LEXUS and GS

Special edition car with gratitude for customer's patronage as GS reached the end of production in August 2020

The name "Eternal Touring" that symbolizes the desire of LEXUS to continue its commitment to grand touring

Interior and exterior that emphasize sportiness with special equipment that inherits "F" such as Alcantara ® * 1 and carbon

GS350 Special edition "Eternal Touring"(graphite black glass flakes)

LEXUS will end production of the Grand Touring Sedan GS in August 2020. Along with this, the GS special edition "Eternal Touring" will be set and released on June 1 through Lexus stores nationwide.

The GS has been well-received as a grand touring sedan for the four generations since the first model was launched in 1993, which combines driving enjoyment with high-quality riding comfort. In Japan, with the opening of LEXUS in 2005, sales started from the third generation. The current model, which underwent a full model change in 2012, adopted the spindle grille, which is the design icon of today's LEXUS for the first time, and pursued the joy of driving the car at will. Driving over 1 million km on the Nürburgring and other roads around the world, we have achieved thoroughly trained driving performance. This model aims to provide new value not only in driving performance, but also in areas of dynamic / static sensibility that cannot be measured by specifications.

Lexus International President Tsuneharu Sato
“The 4th generation GS was born under the strong desire of master driver Akio Toyoda to“ create the driving of LEXUS that we really enjoy and deliver to our customers ”. Therefore, as a model that opens up a new chapter of LEXUS, it also contributed greatly to the revolution in car making. The name "Eternal Touring" of the special specification car is thankful to the patronage of customers for 27 years globally, and continues to inherit the commitment to grand touring that LEXUS has created so far even after GS production was discontinued. It is a thought that we will continue. LEXUS will continue to aim for continuous evolution in order to continue to provide the fun and joy that cars bring. ]

The "Eternal Touring", a special model car, is based on the GS450h / 350 / 300h / 300 "F SPORT" and has adopted a number of items that have been inherited from the "F", which is the symbol of LEXUS driving. The exterior features a black color scheme on the spindle grille, aluminum wheels, door mirrors, rear spoiler, and orange brake calipers on the GS450h and GS350 2WD "Eternal Touring." The interior is Alcantara popular in the GS F ® In addition to adopting the epidermis and carbon ornament panel, door trim and the meter, such as performing a red stitch shine in interior color of black on the hood, further door trim and some also of flare red skin of the steering By arranging the, the quality and sportiness are emphasized.

GS450h / 350 / 300h / 300 Special equipment for"Eternal Touring" special edition vehicles 
"F SPORT" Dedicated Spindle Grill (Gloss Black for Special Cars) /Frame (Pink Black Plate for Special Cars)

Front bumper side bezel (gloss black for special models)
Luggage door garnish (black-plated jet for special-purpose cars only)
Rear spoiler for exclusive use of "F SPORT" (black paint for special specification vehicles) * 2
Auto electric retractable door mirror (wide angle, automatic anti-glare, mirror reverse reverse interlocking withlast memorytilt down, withmemoryheater,black paint for special model cars) * 2
Front 235 / 40R19 + rear 265 / 35R19 tires & exclusive "F SPORT" aluminum wheels(black paint + black nuts for special specification vehicles) * 3
"F SPORT" dedicated orange brake caliper (front / rear / front LEXUS logo) * 4
Trinocular full LED headlamp (low / high beam) &LED front turn signal lamp
Headlamp cleaner
"F SPORT" exclusive dimple genuine leather steering wheel (with paddle shift / black for special specification vehicles x flare red / red stitch) &"F SPORT" exclusive dimple genuine leather shift knob (black / red stitch for special specification vehicles )
Meter hood / instrument panel upper / center console /palm rest /door trim(special specification vehicles only Alcantara ® skin red stitch)
Carbon ornament panel(black) for special-purpose cars
Genuine leather seat for "F SPORT" (driver / passenger ventilation function, with heater / black /red stitchonly for special-purpose cars)
Clearance Sonar & Back Sonar
Adaptive High Beam System [AHS]
Blind spot monitor [BSM]

Interior color (black & flare red for special cars)

Carbon ornament panel (black) for special-purpose cars

Alcantara ® is a registered trademark of Alcantara SpA.

If you select graphite black glass flake as the body color, it will be the same color as the body color.

The GS350 "Eternal Touring" AWD will be 235 / 40R19 tires and aluminum wheels (black paint + black nuts for special edition cars only).

GS450h “Eternal Touring”, GS350 “Eternal Touring” 2WD only.
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