Talks about an incoming Ford Ranger Raptor to the U.S. have been around since 2018. However, the Blue Oval has already put out that fire and confirmed that the performance version of the Ranger midsize pickup won't reach the states. At least not soon.

That's fine, as the Ranger Raptor isn't really fit for the U.S. market that favors huge hulking full-size trucks over midsize ones. Plus, it's a diesel – a 2.0-liter biturbo EcoBlue diesel that produces a substantial amount of power but would be lackluster for a typical American truck buyer because... 'Murica!

Gallery: Autobis Raptor Ultima by Auto Bis Workshop

As such, the rest of the world enjoys the diet version of the Raptor. So much so, in fact, that a tuner in Vietnam has already employed quite an upgrade to a stock Ranger Raptor. These aren't performance upgrades, though, but more of things that West Coast Customs and the defunct (and controversial) Pimp My Ride TV show would care to add.

Called the Autobis Raptor Ultima, this Ranger Raptor was pimped by Auto bis Workshop in Vietnam. Auto bis focused on sound system upgrades, with two sets of equipment inside and out. Within the cabin, the Autobis Raptor Ultima gets a two-way Focal Utopia Be Kit No 6 speakers, two Focal Utopia Be 21 WX subwoofers, two Brax MX4 Pro amplifiers, one Brax DSP, and an Astell & Kern A&utima SP1000 music player.

But that's not all. Outside, the Autobis Ranger Raptor gets upgrades, too, mounted on the bed and facing the rear. The whole system includes two German Maestro 8-inch speakers, two Kicker KMS67 speakers, two Kicker KM8 speakers, a Kicker 15-inch subwoofer, and an Alpine DSP.

All these upgrades cost a lot, though, as Autobis said that the whole setup costs at around $80,000 – enough to buy you a well-optioned Chevy Corvette C8. That's a bit pricey and definitely not for everyone, especially with those light fixtures. Plus, can you imagine off-roading with these set up at the back of the truck?

But then again, to each his own. Guess this Ranger Raptor isn't bought to do what it's intended to.

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