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While YouTube is overloaded with supercar crash compilations, the process of going from wrecked to factory fresh seems to seep under the cracks. These vehicles aren’t just relegated to supercar heaven after they see a crash. YouTube channel Real Life Exotics showcases the process of restoring a wrecked Ferrari 812 back to the way it came from the factory.

The initial method of transporting the vehicle to the repair shop took us by surprise. For a vehicle of the 812’s caliber, we expected a scarlett Ferrari hauler with a crew of certified technicians to deliver to a Ferrari dealership. However, the 812 in the video was lifted by forklift from the back of an open-air trailer towed by a pickup truck. Delivery methods aside, great care was taken and no part of the vehicle appeared to be damaged further.

Once the vehicle was inside, a worker took an inventory of broken components to see what was salvageable. While many components could be saved, a majority were written off on the spot. After an inventory of components, the next step apparently involved addressing damage to the front subframe.

Ferrari 812 Resto

While commentary on the video was limited, it appeared that like-for-like components were welded in to repair the front subframe. After welding everything back into shape, the car was transferred back to the open trailer for shipping to a different facility for paint and body work.

Once there, prep-work for the paint correction process began. This might be a painful stage for petrolheads to watch, going through the process of sanding down the paint and massaging damaged areas. After the gritty preparation was finished, the workers began repainting the necessary panels. While it is difficult to see the true results of their labor, on video the repainted panels appear to match their factory counterparts perfectly. 

After all was said and done, the previous damage to the 812 Superfast was completely undetectable. Let us know your thoughts on this expert restoration in the comments below.

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