Chevy Dude on YouTube is back with a new C8 Corvette video. He’s been going in-depth on a wide range of C8 topics, and this video focuses on protecting the finish. It’s not necessarily a straightforward move for him, however, as he mentions not being a “big fan” of using paint protection film (PPF) that many car buffs turn to. Instead, he’s opting for a paint protection spray as well as some ceramic coating. But then he decides to have it all removed for completely unknown reasons. More on that later.

The video opens with him talking about his plans for the C8, and the action eventually moves to a specialty shop in Louisville, Kentucky. Apparently, there aren’t many places in the U.S. offering this particular kind of spray-on paint protection, and his C8 is serving as a guinea pig for the process as it relates to new Corvettes.

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Interestingly, the pre-spray disassembly and inspection of the Corvette’s front clip reveals some factory flaws, including a very pronounced paint run as well as dirt in the finish on the fascia. Chevy Dude didn’t have much of a problem with these imperfections, but there’s no denying that C8 quality issues – from crooked stitching to missing screws and more – are really starting to add up.

The subject here, however, is paint protection and why Chevy Dude isn’t a fan of films. The video description mentions how he often sees flaws such as a fading or yellowing of the film on car, as well as dirt working into the edges. As it turns out, he happens upon a white BMW that came into the shop with these very issues. He mentions the car didn't have film but a spray, but apparently, it's a different spray than the one performed by this shop. In any case, his point was the same. There can be a downside to paint protection products, but he goes forward with his project anyway.

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That decision isn't without regret, however. The video ends with a close look at the now-completed Corvette with its spray-on paint protection and new carbon fiber ground effects, but then Chevy Dude abruptly says he’s going to have the spray protection removed. Why? That’s a great question, as the video ends on that cliffhanger without further explanation.

In any case, the video offers some interesting insight regarding potential issues with paint protection products. We’d love to hear from readers on your experience with paint protection, so please share your thoughts on this matter.

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