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We have some breaking news out of Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently, the best way to avoid capture by law enforcement is to tear down the highway not in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat or a high-powered Italian hypercar. It turns out, the Achilles Heel of law enforcement is a ... Smart Fortwo?

Obviously there's more to this situation than meets the eye, and to be fair, the pursuit was voluntarily terminated by police. But you can't blame us for sharing the news of a car chase involving a Smart Fortwo where the driver actually got away. And it's not like he pulled some epic James Bond-style stunt driving and hid in the car in a shipping crate near an alley or something. This chase stretched its legs on Interstate 10 in the Phoenix area with several vehicles in pursuit. Fox 10 Pheonix had a helicopter on the scene and everything. Clearly the helicopter had all kinds of trouble keeping up with the Smart, which has a blistering top speed of 84 mph.


Sarcasm aside, here's what we were able to pick up from the news report. This incident allegedly started at a Walmart in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert, Arizona. A man was reportedly yelling things in the parking lot and police responded, at which point he got in the Smart car and stormed off. The driver allegedly ran stoplights, and at one point the police may have tried using spike strips to stop the car. Obviously none of this phased the Smart Fortwo, and well, the car just kept on going. For reasons unknown, the pursuit was terminated by officers.

The Fox 10 video (above) picks up the chase with police close behind, but it seems the official pursuit ends shortly thereafter as the bulk of the video shows the Smart ForTwo driving rather casually down the highway. We say official pursuit because there are vehicles that seem to shadow the Smart for much of the clip. Are they undercover officers or just determined citizens? That's unclear, but we'd bet a million dollars that law enforcement already knows who this person is and where they can find him, hence the reason to cut the pursuit in hopes of reducing the danger to others on the road. It seemed the strategy worked.

Still, this day will go down in infamy as the day a driver in a Smart Fortwo got away from the rozzers. 

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