What are automakers testing this week?

While several aspects of the automotive industry have ground to a halt, there are other aspects of the business still operating. That’s why the Nürburgring was abuzz earlier this week with the sound of squealing tires and screaming engines during its Industry Pool period, which is where the organization of carmakers and industry suppliers rent the track for automotive development. Showrooms and production facilities are closed, but development continues for many companies.

Two videos show the wide range of makes and models that congest the iconic track during these Industry Pool days. The organization is made up of approximately 30 different companies, including several automakers, and it’s where our spy photographers often get a peek at future models. Everything from supercars to hatchbacks takes to the track for various development tests, and it’s not uncommon to see a VW Golf GTI trailing a Porsche Taycan.

Monday and Tuesday of this week were no different. The two videos show a range of models on the track like the Hyundai i30, Audi RS3, and Porsche Cayman. There were also plenty of other cars from the German automakers. BMW, Mercedes – like the high-wing AMG GT and EQC all-electric crossover – VW, Porsche, and Audi were all at the track as the Nürburgring is right in their backyard.

It’s exciting to see so many cars on the track, some of which won’t go on sale for several more months. These Industry Pool periods give automakers a set time to come and test at the track. It’s not designed for setting lap records as there is just too much traffic. For one, a wide variety of vehicles are on the track at any given time, and not every automaker is out there testing peak performance.

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