Bufalos TV had the special opportunity to interview RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff) founder Akira Nakai.

Bufalos TV had the special opportunity to interview RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff) founder Akira Nakai.

This gives us an opportunity to check out Akira Nakai's home and garage in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan where he has been modifying Porsche for 15 years since founding RWB. Each and every model customized is unique as per client's requirements, with most of the customers asking for a widebody kit, new wheels and a different paint job.

He has a strong passion for Porsche and over the years has lost count of the models he owns. Towards the end of the video we get to see one of his prized possessions, a 911 (993) with a wide body kit, huge rear wing and a stripped-out cabin.

Special thanks go to Carina Mazarotto for sending us the tip!

Note:  English sub-titles can be activated in the youtube player controls. Click "captions" icon in bottom right of player during playback.