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One of the great things about the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette – and all of the sports car's generations for their time – is its adaptability. The vehicle can be an amazing grand tourer, a quick drag racer, and an impressive track machine, which we see in this video from Speed Phenom.

The young man takes his C8 to a track day at Willow Springs International Raceway in California. Once he gets there, the camera goes over the driver's shoulder, and viewers get a mostly uninterrupted look at the action. There are just a few cuts to a location at the base of the windshield that shows more of the track but the expense of not being able to see the driver.

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There are quite a few high-dollar machines at Willow Springs on this day. He runs behind a Ferrari 458 for a little while early in the video. Later, a couple of McLarens show up. In addition, there are a few Jaguar F-Types and Porsches. A C7 Corvette even shows up near the end.

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Keep in mind that a track day is not the same as a race. These drivers are just out to have a good time with their cars. Some of them might be trying to set a personal best lap time, but a lot of folks are just using this as an opportunity to drive in a way that would be illegal on the street. What this means is that you can't draw immediate conclusions about Speed Phenom passing so many vehicles because we can't be sure of how hard the other drivers are pushing.

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