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Yes, it’s that guy again. Earlier this month we shared two videos of high-mileage Acura vehicles, both owned by Tyson Hugie. He is making the news again with another car of his personal Acura collection. This one has a lower mileage but is a bit more special than the rest.

Meet Hugie’s five-speed, Formula Red 1992 Acura NSX with black leather seats. It has 116,659 miles (187,744 kilometers) on the odometer and is absolutely mint. The video at the top of this page provides a good look at its 3.0-liter V6 engine, which generates a healthy 270 horsepower (201 kilowatts) and 210 pound-feet (285 Newton-meters) of torque. After seeing Hugie’s two other vehicles, needless to say, this one is absolutely stock from A to Z.

Gallery: 1992 Acura NSX

A quick look at the front bay reminds us how awesome the first-gen NSX was in terms of its overall engineering concept. That’s where the radiators, battery, and what Acura calls a folding spare tire are located. As we all know, the actual trunk of the car is right behind the engine, which, in turn, is right behind the seats.

The current owner of the car keeps its full service history right back to its first oil change in November 1993 when it had 3,489 miles (5,615 km). In general, this NSX appears to be in an even better condition compared to Hugie’s two other Acuras we featured. Probably because of its lower mileage there are no stone chips at the front, the interior looks mint, and the engine bay is even cleaner.

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