Return of the japanese supercar?

Text previously published on May 22, 2007. Honda engineers have descended on a workshop adjacent to the Nürburgring with an interesting mule. The car has remained in the garage bay all day, but we managed a few snapshots that reveal a compelling project in the works. The primary donor for this mule appears to be a Honda S2000 roadster, but it is very heavily modified with riveted panels to add plenty of length and width. The passenger compartment is much larger, and the hood line is severely bulging. It's difficult to tell the actual size of this mule, but it appears that the dimensions of this car could be consistent with the next NXS supercar, which might finally be entering some form of engineering reality. When the car finally leaves the garage and sees the light of day, we'll have a better idea of what this mule actually represents. Stay tuned, as our cameras are trained on the facility, awaiting the prototype's unofficial debut.

SPY PHOTOS: More Honda NS-X Mule