BMW has a facelift coming for its X2 crossover. The plug-in hybrid model is already revealed with updated looks, but this particular sighting is of the standard variety. How do we know? For starters, there are two exhaust tips and a big muffler clearly visible on the back of this test vehicle. Also, it lacks the required stickers warning people high-voltage batteries are contained within.

Technically this is our first public sighting of a non-hybrid X2 test vehicle wearing the forthcoming facelift, but admittedly it’s not much to write home about. The crossover will receive a slightly revised front fascia that changes up some of the vents and lighting arrangements.

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The round driving lamps you see on this prototype caught near the Nürburgring are actually just stickers designed to mimic the current X2’s look. The headlights are also new, and the grille will grow in width. If you've seen the new X2 PHEV, there's no reason to believe the standard X2 will be any different. 

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In profile, the forthcoming X2 looks identical to the current model, as does the rear. This prototype appears to have the up-spec rear fascia found on higher trim models, but it’s possible it could be a placeholder for something else. In a rather hilarious attempt at secrecy, the X2 badge is taped over yet it’s still easy as pie to read. Sorry BMW, you get an F for clever concealment.

What will happen with the mildly updated X2 under the skin? Powertrain choices will almost certainly carry over with little-to-no change. Same goes for the interior, though a larger touchscreen display is always an option.

There’s no timeline available yet for a possible reveal date, but it’s safe to assume the refreshed X2 will be available for the 2021 model year.

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