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Right about now, we suspect some of you are marveling in this modern take on a 1970’s creation. It’s possible far more are well and truly confused as to just what the heck a Brubaker Box actually is, aside from a boxy, futuristic-looking van. So before we take a deeper dive into these renderings from designer Samir Sadikhov, here’s a quick history lesson.

In the early 1970s, it was kind of popular to yank the body off the Volkswagen Beetle and replace it with something else. This is evident in the range of Beetle-based beach buggies that were rocking the far-out scene in places like Southern California, but a person named Curtis Brubaker thought it would be neat to make a pseudo-VW bus out of the Beetle’s underpinnings. It was a cool creation but apparently too far ahead of its time, because the Brubaker Box never took off. Only three original Boxes were built, with another 25 built by a company called AutoMecca.


The curious minivan-before-minivans made an impression on more than a few people, with Samir Sadikhov being among them. According to his website, he has some strong design experience from Lamborghini and Rezvani to pull from, and as you can see from the above Facebook post, no facet of this reboot has been left to the imagination. Sadikhov’s creation is minimalistic while paying homage to the original, from the pointy front and rear clips to the low, flat roof. If anything, this could almost pass for #vanlife companion to the Tesla Cybertruck.

Brubaker Box
The original Brubaker Box

Perhaps more impressive is the interior. The minimalistic theme carries over in a broad, simple dash fitted with digital screens. It’s technically a two-seater with accommodations for driver and passenger, however, a large sofa-like rear seating area looks supremely comfortable for relaxing by the lake. There’s even a television built into the van’s wall for entertainment. Perhaps the original Brubaker Box would’ve clicked with the public had flatscreen tech been available.

In the Facebook post, Sadikhov says there’s no commercial intention here. That said, this could be a very cool platform for an electric van that would basically have a segment all to itself. We’d be all smiles if someone, somewhere, could make this happen.

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