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We all know that city centers as famous as London have been hotspots for seeing fancy cars and expensive hypercars. Some of the most entertaining carspotting videos have been taken in London, especially when tourists fly in from other countries with their exotics, running along busy roads and making a fair bit of noise, much to the entertainment or annoyance of your typical Londoner. Today, however, London is as quiet as it has ever been, as the coronavirus has put the city on lockdown.

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However, thanks to Shmee150, we also found out that once a day, people can leave their homes to get some exercise and perform essential chores, like going to the grocery and banks. That means that there's quite a bit of open road with no traffic, and with the weather being fairly good during the time of the video, it was a great time to see what kind of cars were going out and about. In what is essentially a return to the origins of his channel, Shmee150 has decided to give us a walking tour of London's streets, eyes peeled, keeping an eye out for some interesting cars. And, frankly, you'd be particularly surprised how many nice cars are parked and roaming the streets, their exhausts more audible because of the lack of ambient noise that would usually be the norm.

Right off the bat, they're able to spot a Porsche 911 while doing the intro, and about a minute later, an air-cooled Porsche drives by. We also see an abundance of Mercedes-Benz G Classes, and Bentleys, as well as quite a number of Aston Martins. That's not all, however, and there's much more to discover in the video above.

What's even more surprising to see is that most of the cars spotted in the video are simply parked on the street, accumulating dust and droppings. There's enough dust on some of these to draw on them; maybe the London rains will take care of that? In all seriousness, though, the video also reminds us that, while spotting nice cars is entertaining, it's best to floor your local laws about the pandemic, and always keep safe. There will be more cars to spot and enjoy in the future. 

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