German tuner Brabus is best known for building some of the wildest Mercedes based tuner cars on the road. This specialized tuning giant is far more than a small shop that adds an engine tune and carbon-fiber exterior trim to a base car. The cars Brabus creates may lack subtlety but the performance and excitement they deliver are second to none. If you’ve ever wondered what Brabus is like, sit back and relax because this comprehensive documentary is here to give you all the details about Brabus. 

Autobahn missiles, 900 horsepower sedans, and impossibly massive SUVs are the hallmark of the Brabus brand. A Brabus product starts out with a stock Mercedes product that is scrutinized by a quality team to ensure the base car is in perfect condition. The vehicle is then brought into Brabus’s 150,000 square meter workshop where the company produces about 6,500 vehicles annually. In addition to full-on Brabus products, the company also works on customer vehicles who want a little more performance or luxury out of their Mercedes. 

One of Brabus’s most popular products is its 900 horsepower G-Wagon SUV. The base G63 AMG SUV receives a full Brabus treatment adding luxury, horsepower, exterior styling, and suspension improvements. The full Brabus treatment virtually doubles the price tag of the G63 AMG but adds a level of performance not available from the factory.

Brabus is far more than a G-Wagon customizer. There is serious engineering taking place in these halls where experts in their field take on impressive tasks. The dedication to quality control and a showcase of talented craftspeople makes this a documentary you need to see. The amount of effort placed in the building of engines and creating exterior pieces will give you a new appreciation for automotive engineering. 

Brabus works to fulfill the customer’s dreams but must also comply with government regulations. TUV, which translates to the Technical Inspection Association, has a heavy influence on German tuners as all parts and modifications must comply with their regulations. Brabus goes to great lengths to give customers the extra performance they seek while keeping things legal. 

The attention to detail and compliance with strict government regulations puts Brabus into the upper crust of tuning companies. With decades of proven success and growing product portfolio Brabus will continue to be a leader in the world of Mercedes tuning.

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