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The first batch of the 2020 Chevy Corvette units has probably been delivered to their rightful owners by now. In fact, a total of 2,295 production Corvettes were built in Bowling Green, Kentucky and deliveries continued on despite the closure of dealerships due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

With that, it's safe to say that every Corvette buyer for the MY 2020 has their hands on their mid-engine Vette, which means that more information about the C8 will come out of the interwebs – some of the info might not have been disclosed before.

Some of those features are discussed here by none other than Chevy Dude, which has been producing a lot of C8 videos lately, including Corvette donuts that people said could not be done.

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In this video, Chevy Dude listed six things that he discovered upon owning the Corvette C8 for a few weeks – things that he didn't know before. A bit surprising, really, considering that he's a Chevy salesman and most likely took product training before the C8 was launched.

Nevertheless, yes, there were six and although the video title says five, Chevy Dude included a bonus feature towards the end of the video. First off, he discovered that you can't shift to Neutral or Manual mode directly when you're in Park. Next, there are two ways to view the shift indicator, which would be on the digital instrument cluster and on the heads-up display when on track mode.

Next, the Corvette C8 automatically shifts to Park when you shut down the engine while on Drive mode. The fourth feature would be the remote start (and shut down) which you can do multiple times within 30 minutes. The fifth one would be the battery trickle charger while you're storing the Corvette, which connects inside the frunk and can be closed at first click.

The bonus feature is that the glove and center console compartments lock with the vehicle, adding a bit of security in case you're leaving something inside the car. To see how these hidden features work, watch the video on top of this page.

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