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As excuses for speeding go, this one is pretty... terrible actually. Yes, it's terrible. A man was caught doing 130 mph on the M25 road in London, the United Kingdom, last week and his reasoning? He was trying to avoid catching coronavirus.

After being stopped last Tuesday, the driver was asked why he was going nearly double the national speed limit and his response was reportedly "I thought the faster I went the less chance I would catch coronavirus" – the driver was summonsed to court, naturally.

Speeding incidents have been on the rise, despite the government enforced lockdown across the UK, with the empty roads being too much of a temptation for lawbreakers.

It's probably worth saying that while we'd never ever condone speeding on public roads, managing to get to a speed of more than 4 mph on the M25 at any time of year is quite the achievement.

Evening heavy traffic on busiest British motorway M25 in London

Speed isn't the only issue though, with motorists still being caught making non-essential journeys.

You might recall the motorist who made national headlines last month after he made a 220-mile round trip from Coventry to Salford just to collect some £15 ($18.75) windows he had purchased from eBay. What's more, his wife was with him and was forced to sit in the boot of the car because she couldn't fit in her seat while the windows were in the car.

"A driver has travelled from Coventry to Salford to collect a £15 eBay purchase of windows," local police tweeted at the time. "His wife could not fit in the vehicle so she was travelling in the boot for the return journey when stopped on the M6 Cheshire. The driver was given a TOR [traffic offence report] for the offence."

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