The satisfying detail video of your dreams.

It’s no surprise that YouTube has been suggesting interesting things for us to watch during isolation. Whether it be someone mowing their lawn with a scythe, or getting a late start on the ASMR train, YouTube’s algorithm steers you in the right direction. That said, we have found the detailing video of your dreams to keep you occupied.

The YouTube goldmine that we came across is a channel called Stauffer Garage. It consists of detailing videos featuring absolutely filthy cars, documenting their transformation from biohazard to fresh-off-the-shelf clean. However, this new episode featuring a hopelessly muddy Jeep Wrangler is a bit of a new direction for the channel. Unlike many other videos in the Stauffer Garage portfolio, this video features the detail of both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.

In the double feature episode, the exterior transformation is a sight to behold. At the start, the Wrangler is caked in mud to the extent that the original paint color is unknown. After the first stage of powerwashing we see the green paint, tan soft top, and black wheels revealed from under the mud. Every instance of the video sees an improvement from the exterior.

After the new and fresh exterior detail, the video is normal service for Stauffer. He removes the doors and seats, and sets to work on the interior. While the inside of the Wrangler looks tame in comparison to some of the projects that Stauffer has tackled, it was still a force to be reckoned with. 

Jeep Stauffer detail

Along with removing the seats, Stauffer also removed the center console, shifter, and essentially everything that he could come out, all for better access into the hard to reach areas. After vacuuming the carpets in the vehicle, he proceeded to remove them and even clean the floor panels underneath. After leaving no stone unturned in the interior, the end result is simply amazing.

We’d say the initial goal of bringing the Jeep back to its former glory was a resounding success. Our favorite part of the detail was the paint color being revealed through the powerwash, but let us know your favorite parts of the detail in the comments below.

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