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We’ve been waiting a long time for the Hellcat-powered, Raptor-fighting Ram Rebel TRX to arrive. We’ve seen test mules, and a few months back we finally caught a camouflaged prototype with a production body testing in public. Long before all of this, we had an exclusive interview with an insider who spilled the beans on Rebel TRX details. None of that info could be confirmed obviously, but as we’re seeing more spy shots and leaked images, those details are falling into place.

The latest leak comes from TFLnow, which posted a YouTube video featuring a couple of interior photos allegedly showing the TRX instrument cluster and control panel. The shots (featured below) aren’t groundbreaking, as they follow the familiar layout for the current Ram interior. However, the devil is in the details and there are some noteworthy items to discuss.

Ram Rebel TRX Leaked Interior Photos
Ram Rebel TRX Leaked Interior Photos

For starters, we can see the tachometer has the same 6,400 RPM redline as the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat. It’s pretty much a given at this point the TRX will get a Hellcat V8, but this serves as further evidence to that theory. We also see some interesting icons just to the right of the tach, one which appears to show a truck jumping and another that resembles a shock absorber.

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This could be further evidence to the TRX having significant adjustability for suspension and steering to tackle off-road obstacles. Another curious feature is the quarter-mile drag display in the center screen. It’s nothing new to performance-oriented FCA vehicles, but seeing it here suggests Ram is keen to flaunt the Rebel TRX’s power both off and on the tarmac.

The second leaked photo shows the powertrain control panel, and we instantly recognize the shape as being part of the 2020 Ram's interior. This is where you find the rotary dial for selecting gears, but obviously that’s gone here. Our insider told us last year the Rebel TRX would use a more traditional shifter stalk in the console, and that’s supported by this photos. We also have further support for a range of drive modes courtesy of the TRX button at the top. Curiously absent is a two-wheel-drive button, but that doesn’t mean the truck will offer full-time four-wheel drive.

When will we finally get to see the muscle truck? Coronavirus has everything delayed, but we’re still banking on the covers being lifted later this summer.

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