That's one hot Retrovette.

The Chevy Corvette C2 generation introduced the Sting Ray, which, by the looks of it, is easy to see why. But personally, C2 generation is the sleekest renditions of the Vette and stands as my personal favorite in terms of styling.

If you're like me who has the fascination for the old-school 1960s Corvette, well, you're in luck as this particular example carries the design without sacrificing too much on modern comforts. 

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Built by CR Coachworks in California, this 1967 C2-looking Corvette is originally a C6. The body was reworked by the company, which specializes in converting Corvettes into retro-looking machines. In fact, when you look at the company website's About page, you'll see the words "We are a company committed to preserving the Corvette heritage." I think I can be friends with these guys.

Anyway, the CR Coachworks modifications include the obvious, a complete body rework using carbon fiber panels. It looks sleek and very tempting – the company nailed the rework down to the last detail, including the pop-up headlamps.

Of course, the cabin retains its C6 styling which means it has modern touches that you'll want to have in a car, such as motorized adjustments, color display infotainment, keyless entry, heated seating, and other things you won't find in a C2. Those go with LED headlights and vortex lights on the outside.

CR Coachworks is selling the build for $165,000 (including the donor C6) but a sample is currently listed at a BMW dealer in California for $148,777 at the time of this writing. The black-on-black 'Vette comes equipped with 430-horsepower LS3 V8 and has 11,611 miles on its odometer.

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