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With the 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 finally finding its way into the hands of customers, there are more and more videos chronicling their delivery. People are excited to see the new mid-engine Corvette, and there’s plenty of online content about it, too – we’ve covered a lot of it. While many are excited to have the car finally, others are discovering intermittent quality issues. Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to amplify those flaws, too. One car to exhibit a few imperfections is one we’ve covered before – the base 1LT from earlier this month. Upon closer inspection, the owner discovered a few quality issues.

The video starts by highlighting the misaligned front bumper on the passenger side. The bumper fails to line up with the front fender, causing the body lines not to match. It appears the issue also affects the headlight, which is not sitting as flush to the car as the driver’s side one. The other problem is a noticeable panel gap at the rear where the hood and rear fascia line up, causing one side to have a more significant gap than the other.

There are two interior issues, too. One is the seatbelt, where there’s a noticeable black mark on it. Maybe it’s a stain? It’s not clear what caused the imperfection, though the owner is confident some simple cleaning could solve the issue. The other problem is on the back of the infotainment screen where there’s a noticeable scratch in the plastic – fixing that one would likely be a bit more challenging.

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Any new model can have growing pains when it’s first introduced. Cars are complex, complicated machines assembled by robots and humans, and neither is infallible. The issues highlighted here feel much more minor than the issue of the wavy interior dash stitching that’s been cropping up. The owner will be taking his Corvette to the Chevy dealership in hopes of resolving the problems he discovered.

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