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We love high-mileage cars. We still remember the story of a 432,000-mile Skoda Octavia we featured last year and the stories of many other high-mileage heroes. Today we have the even more inspiring tale of a car that’s covered exactly 572,750 miles (921,751 kilometers) and still looks like brand new. Well, almost.

It’s a 1994 Acura Legend LS coupe we are talking about, a car owned by Tyson Hugie. In his latest video, he celebrates the 17th anniversary of his ownership and shares some of the adventures from over the years, the people he has interacted with, and the places he’s been at with the car. It’s a fascinating story.

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But, naturally, we are most interested in the car itself. Hugie bought it from Las Vegas back in 2003 when it had approximately 95,000 miles (152,887 km). He daily drove it for the first nine years of ownership, including two snow seasons in Northern Utah. Generally, from what we are able to see in the video, the body looks to be in a very good condition, aside from some stone chips in the front.

Naturally, this car has been partially resprayed a number of times and the owner says there are paint mismatches between some of the body panels. Inside the cabin, everything is original minus a couple of upgrades, like the two-tone leather seats and door sills with Acura lettering. Oh, there’s also an aftermarket audio system but it’ll come off and be replaced by the factory Bose unit soon.

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We almost forgot the best part - the car is still running with its stock clutch and this is absolutely unbelievable. A quick look at the engine bay shows a very clean and smoothly running 3.2-liter V6 and a few marks coming from an accident in 2007.

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