A convenient way to get your beer fix.

With a majority of people taking the necessary precautions and staying indoors as the whole world bears the brunt of the coronavirus, it goes without saying that most of our normal routines have gone out the window. No more late-night drives, dinner dates, parties, family gatherings, and no more car meets. At least for now. While a lot of us are worried about returning to our jobs and loved ones, many are on the frontlines, fighting the virus head-on in hospitals and medical centers. Sometimes we forget the simple things that we can enjoy from our homes; the company of our families, the opportunity to learn something new, or maybe a chance to sit back and enjoy a nice beer.

If you're lucky and stocked up on a few dozen bottles before things got serious, then good on you, but those who can't leave their homes might be itching for a cold one right about now. If you happen to live in Boulder, Colorado, then you definitely have nothing to worry about, because of a local brewery that's been working around the clock driving by neighborhoods to deliver your beer fix.


Sanitas Brewing Company is taking their tasty IPAs and Lagers in their very own van, pumping out the same ice cream truck tunes that our kids used to run towards when the ice cream man was just a few blocks away. No kids here, though, and they've even adopted a QR code payment scheme, gloves, masks, and a handy set of tongs so that you can get your beer as safely as possible. 

With all that's going on in the world and the anxiety that can cause a lot of us to overthink and lose some semblance of normalcy, sometimes a cool reminder of easier times helps us get through the day. Oh, and you shouldn't be driving, anyway. 


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