Just over a week ago, Hyundai teased the world with the Palisade N, a performance variant of its large SUV. Hyundai just so happened to post images of the hopped-up, high-riding model on April Fools' Day, squashing any hopes that such a model is even being considered for production. Now, though, it appears the joke is on Hyundai. There's been a Chagne.org petition started that calls on Hyundai to put the Palisade N into production. So far, it's obtained nearly 80 percent of the requested signatures – 158 out of 200, at the time of this writing.

"In a world where every car is the same: grey, black, white, silver, and maybe, if you are lucky, red, change is appreciated," is how the petition starts, asking people to show their support for the Hyundai Palisade N. The petition notes the strong, positive reception the model received from not only consumers but the press, too. The petition concludes with a call to action: "Change starts with you!"

The Hyundai Palisade N is just a tease, but it certainly looks the part of a performance SUV. The Performance Blue paint looks stunning, especially when it's combined with the darkened cladding along the bottom with the red accents. The Palisade seems like it sits lower over the wheels, but that could be a visual trick of the wheel arch cladding. At the rear is a larger, more pronounced roof spoiler with a triangular high-mount brake light. A small N badge on the liftgate and quad exhaust complete the look.

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For now, the Palisade N will remain a concept, regardless of the petition. It's like Toyota fans who petitioned the Japanese automaker to bring the Yaris GR to America, though the Yaris GR is a real production vehicle. However, there could be such a vehicle sometime in the future. Late last year, Hyundai said, "The high-performance N brand also plans to launch SUVs and EVs." What does Hyundai have planned?

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