When you're buying a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 there are lots of decisions to make because Chevy offers lots of options on the sports car, including two wings in a variety of finishes. If you're looking for the best yet comparison of this jewelry for the rear ends, then check out this video from Complete Street Performance. Plus, there's a chance to see the installation process.

This pre-production C8 rolls into the shop with aesthetic mods like no badging at the rear and a red engine cover. It already wears the Z51 wing in the same Shadow Gray color as the rest of the body.

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Taking off the wing looks like a job you'd ideally want to do with two people because it involves taking off the whole rear bumper cover. There are only a few fasteners to remove, but things get tricky when freeing the wiring connectors for the taillights. To make the work easier, a helper supports the bumper cover, and the other person reaches down to unhook things. With the panel free, taking off a few more fasteners lets the wing come off.

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The team then shows off how the rear looks without a wing. The aesthetics are up to personal taste, but the smoother, unadorned look might appeal for folks who prefer things simple. 

Just to show off the appearance, a Z51 wing in Carbon Flash goes on next. Unfortunately, this car's Shadow Gray paint under the lights in the garage doesn't make the piece look much different than the body color one.

Finally, the high wing goes on. The installation includes fasteners on each side and adhesive holding down the two uprights in the center.

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