The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular cars among tuners, so it comes as no surprise the Mk8 is already catching the attention of those in the aftermarket business. The Golf is far from being the most exciting car in the compact segment when it comes to exterior designs, so some folks are eager to see what a custom build could do to inject some pizzazz in Wolfsburg’s immensely popular family hatchback.

We’ve already seen a Golf 8 First Edition riding on 20-inch wheels from ABT, but JMS has been working on more than just new shoes. Taking inspiration from the GTI, the car is wearing some subtle red accents in an attempt to enable a sportier look enhanced by the prominent front spoiler lip extending the front apron by around three centimeters (1.2 inches). The add-on piece is complemented on the sides of the vehicle by chunky skirts for a more aggressive profile.

2020 VW Golf 8 by JMS

Moving at the back, the first thing you’ll notice will be the custom diffuser reminding us of the Golf GTI TCR from the hatchback’s previous generation. JMS says the diffuser will be sold to customers without cutouts, which might not sound such a great idea. However, the tuner explains it has taken this decision so that buyers will be able decide whether they want single or double tips depending on the preferred custom exhaust. In this particular case, the Golf is being featured with a dual setup with oval tips akin to those of the Audi RS3.

JMS also swapped out the standard VW wheels for a 19-inch set with striking red lug nuts and 225/35 tires. If you’re wondering why the custom alloys look like they barely fit within the wheel arches, it’s because the Golf has a coilover suspension from KW to lower the ride height for a greater visual impact

Volkswagen Golf
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The styling kit is scheduled to go on sale this September, with more upgrades on the way as JMS says it’s already working on engine modifications and a new exhaust system.

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