The introduction of the new Fiat Strada in South America, and the possibility that it might arrive later in Mexico as the Ram 700, has done little to quell rumors of a smaller Ram pickup coming to the U.S. There've been rumors of a sub-Ram 1500 pickup for a few years, but it's a model that has never materialized. With the new Strada, though, KDesign AG created two Ram 700 renderings that act as a preview for a possible compact Ram pickup truck.

The Ram 700 in the renderings shows a compact pickup ripe for some badge engineering. The large Fiat lettering on the grille is replaced by smaller Ram branding, which sits inside a new Ram 1500-inspired grille that's surprisingly cohesive with the rest of the Strada's front-end design. Along the side, there's more, large Ram branding that's replicated on the tailgate, too. A small Laramie badge on the lower corner of the tailgate completes the truck's transformation.

While Fiat revealed the new Strada with four doors, there's a two-door version in the works, though the chance of the two-door version reaching the U.S. is far less than that of the four-door variant arriving. It'd also be smaller than its competitors, too, measuring just 176.4 inches (4,480 millimeters) in length compared to the Ford Ranger's 210.8 inches (5,354 millimeters).

If it came to the U.S., it'd likely need new powertrains. In the southern hemisphere, the Strads will come standard with an 88-horsepower (65-kilowatt) 1.4-liter engine. The 1.3-liter engine upgrade makes 109 hp (81 kW). Both pair with a five-speed manual gearbox. U.S. customers wouldn't be satisfied with such low outputs. The Ranger's 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder makes 270 hp (201 kW).

Gallery: Ram 700 Renderings

For now, the Ram 700 is just a rumor, though one we're surprised Ram hasn't made real. Ram has been the lonely holdout in offering something smaller than the Ram 1500. Chevy offers the Colorado while Nissan and Toyota have the Frontier and Tacoma, respectively. A smaller Ram 1500, maybe called the Ram Dakota, would be a welcomed competitor.

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