Generally speaking, there are two main ways to improve the dynamic capability of a car. You can either reduce the weight or boost the power output. Of course, it’s always best to combine these two measures but that’s not always possible. In cases where upgrades to the powertrain are too expensive or too time-consuming, the easiest thing to do is to strip out the interior of a car.

That’s exactly what the folks from the Casey Putsch channel on YouTube did with their 2007 Porsche Boxster S. Before the start of the process, the team weighs the car in its stock form and the scales show exactly 3,123 pounds (1,416 kilograms). In the video at the top of this page, you can check out the exact weight distribution between the four wheels.

What you are about to see next is something we never thought we’d find funny. Tearing apart a perfectly working car in what seems to be a very good general condition has always been one of our nightmares but this guy here is enjoying every minute of that process. And we are talking absolutely hardcore stripping here.

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At some point, after the 6:30-minute mark in the video, the Boxster no longer looks like… well, a Boxster. Gone are the bumpers, lights, roof panel, windshield, active rear spoiler, and even the exhaust pipes. And if this wasn’t enough, they even removed the mirrors and… bang! - right after taking the car out of the garage, the driver hit his own Toyota MR2.

“Let this be a lesson. I just backed into my MR2 because there are no mirrors on this. And this is stupid."
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