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The spread of the new coronavirus has gone global, allowing it to earn the status of a pandemic. As such, most people are required to stay home and observe social distancing. I've heard stories of people getting holed up in their houses for two weeks now and counting.

I, for one, have been trapped inside my house for more than three weeks now – and it's a wonder how am I able to do so without loosening screws. But then again, some people may have difficulties fending off for themselves amid the crisis, so really, we don't have any reason to complain.

Gallery: Car-Themed Cookie Cutters

Now, for gearheads, there are many car-related activities to keep yourselves entertained while in quarantine. There are car-themed Netflix movies and series out there that you can binge-watch, or maybe it's time for you to start playing those racing video games you haven't had the time to finish. You may also start paying attention to your beloved car – but we know you've already done that at this point.

How about cooking? Or baking? Not a bad idea, right? Well, for those petrol-heads who are interested in learning how to bake cookies, these car cookie cutters are perfect for you.

Available through an aptly-named website called, the car-themed cookie cutters you see on the gallery above will cost you around $7 to $15 apiece. Even better, the website offers free shipping anywhere in the U.S. for orders of $35 or more.

From Audis to Volkswagens, the choices of cookie-cutter cars are vast, and we're guessing that the man behind this project is a true gearhead based on the selection. There's even a Mazda rotary engine in there – at least this one has become a reality, even as a cookie-cutter.

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