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Update: Chevrolet responded with the following: “Vehicle quality is always a top priority at GM. We are working with our supplier to determine how this isolated issue many have developed and any remedies we may need to take for customers affected.”

Finally, after months of delays, the 2020 Chevy Corvette is arriving in the hands of owners across the country. Production started in February, and since then, we've seen tuners, owners, and others take to social media to share their new sports car. While many have been quite happy to show off their mid-engine Corvette, not every post has been a positive one. One owner went to Corvette Forum to show off their dashboard with wavy stitching.

The issue seems to be affecting those who've opted for the top tier 3LT trim, which adds quite a price premium over the Corvette's sub-$60,000 starting price. Users attempted to diagnose the issue, questioning whether the wavy stitching could be the result of a low-quality adhesive, the dash peeling away. Others wondered if the dashboard expanded and contracted in the sun, causing the imperfection to appear. We've reached out to Chevy for a comment on the issue, though it doesn't seem too widespread. We'll update the story if we hear back.

Some were surprised the wavy dashboard stitching made it past the supplier's, factory's, and dealership's quality control checks before being installed and delivered. Others posted pics of dashboards with similar stitching issues. The problem appears near where the dash and center console meet, which you can see in several photos embedded in the Corvette Forum story. It's an odd interior convergence between the two trim parts.

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As more Chevy Corvettes reach owners, we'll know if this is a more significant issue or something that only affects a handful of cars. There are Corvettes out there with well-stitched interiors that don't suffer the same problem. We hope the owner can get to the bottom of the issue, and we hope there's a fix, too. We'd understand if the wavy stitching bothered owners because once you see it, you can't miss it.

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