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The coronavirus pandemic has prompted car companies to become creative with its marketing despite the limited mobility of the people. Some brands even put out some great new car deals on the table, which you can avail at the comfort of your home. 

One of these brands is Toyota, which offers a 90-day payment deferral for its customers in the southeast part of the United States. However, that's not the only offer coming from the Japanese brand.

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As always, the good guys from CarsDirect has unearthed a hidden discount on marque's flagship sports coupe, the 2020 Toyota Supra.

According to CarsDirect, the Supra is available with a $2,000 discount, which is a hidden dealer cash incentive. The information came from dealer incentive bulletins in several regions. This incentive is given to dealers to help lower the price of the car before an imminent refresh, which reportedly coming in 2021. Of note, the $2,000 discount this month is twice as much as the hidden Supra discount back in March.

If you're planning to buy the controversial sports coupe, this April may be the best time to do so since the ridiculous markups from dealers are now out of fashion. 

Now, if leasing and financing would be your route to acquiring a Supra, CarsDirect has also reported the first details about financing the Toyota coupe. Financing offers went down to at least $896 per month, while leasing is now priced at $687 a month (including the cash out at signing), at the very least.

But then again, confirm with your local dealer first about this discount, as well as the new financing and leasing schemes.

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