The Stadium Super Trucks series was created in 2013 by Robby Gordon, a man who has achieved great success behind the wheel of many different race cars. He’s driven in Indycar, NASCAR, and is known mostly for his time in off-road racing. The goal of the series was to create short, tight, high intensity racing and has had brilliant success doing so.

While contact is mostly frowned upon in series like Formula 1 and Indycar with their open wheel nature, it is commonplace in Super Trucks. The series takes the best bits of off-road and stock car racing to combine them into one of the most entertaining racing series we’ve seen.

Along with a relaxed attitude towards contact, the series carries the same attitude towards track limits. With the off-road nature of these vehicles, it allows drivers to be creative and extend the track in areas that wouldn’t be possible in other series. In this bumper cam video we see two- and three-wide racing in areas of Road America where it would otherwise be deemed impossible.

While the high contact nature of NASCAR is nothing new, the off-road DNA of Stadium Super Trucks provides for driving characteristics that have never been seen on road courses. One of the great things about the massive suspension travel in these trucks is that they over pronounce the weight transfer experienced in racing situations. We regularly see these trucks on two wheels in fast corners, diving under braking and lifting their noses under acceleration, all while banging door panels and fighting for the same piece of race track.

Another brilliant call by Gordon was adding jumps into the race courses. These jumps do a great job of adding to the drama of the series. Jumps can provide for quite a lot of carnage during a race, providing mid-air collisions and roll-overs if drivers go off line into the jumps.

We absolutely love the carnage and unpredictability seen in Super Truck racing. Let us know what you love about the Stadium Super Trucks series in the comments below.

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