It could electrify the desert, if it were real.

Say what you will about the Mustang Mach-E, but nobody can deny that it’s grabbed the attention of the automotive world. From Mustang purists who loathe the branding to EV enthusiasts who see a cool crossover with some performance cred, it’s a vehicle that people are talking about. Just imagine how those conversations might go if Ford were to go all Raptor on the Mach-E and turn it into a bonkers Baja beast?

We don’t know how that discussion might play out, but thanks to this epic rendering from moaoun_moaoun on Instagram, we have an idea of how such a creation might look. Be honest, Mustang people – if the name was different you’d be in love with this. And why not? The long, thin headlights; the oval outline of a grille; the two massive LED lights in the middle, looking like nostrils of an angry…um.. horse. An aggressive lower fascia with the skidplate helps, too, never mind the gnarly off-road tires clawing at the sand. You don’t think electric power could be fun? Honestly, this looks like all kinds of fun.


Of course, it won’t come to pass. It’s not a case of Ford being unwilling. The Mach-E simply isn’t designed to be some macho off-roader. It’s very much an on-road machine in the crossover world, offering a bit more ground clearance and all-wheel drive to better accommodate those occasional dirt road excursions. In GT trim it will be quick, with Ford claiming a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. That’s not going to humiliate any high-performance competition from Tesla, but it does equal the other Mustang GT already available in the Blue Oval lineup.

With the world on hold due to Coronavirus, it’s unclear if Ford’s plan to start Mach-E customer deliveries late this year will be delayed. Regardless, it all starts with the Launch Edition and reservations – which Ford has said for some time are full – becoming official orders as soon as next month. The range-topping Mach-E GT, however, definitely won’t arrive until 2021.

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