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Toyota has released new details about the Yaris Hybrid-R concept, ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Drawing inspiration from the TS030 Hybrid, the Yaris Hybrid-R has a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 300 bhp (223 kW). The petrol engine powers the front wheels, while two 60 bhp (44 kW) electric motors power the rear wheels. This setup enables the concept to produce a combined maximum output of 420 bhp (313 kW).

In road mode, the electric motors produce a 40 bhp (29 kW) boost for up to ten seconds. When track mode is selected, the electric motors deliver their full 60 bhp (44 kW) boost for up to five seconds.

During braking, the electric motors act as generators and store energy in a super capacitor. As Toyota points out, a super capacitor is lighter and delivers a faster power charge / discharge than a traditional nickel–metal hydride (NiMh) battery.

The model is also equipped with a third electric motor that acts as a generator and is located between the engine and the six-speed sequential transmission. It helps recharge the super capacitor during deceleration and directly power the rear electric motors during acceleration.

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