The Fisker Ocean SUV may still be a few years away from production, but that hasn't stopped Fisker from unveiling a new off-road trim for their fledgling SUV. The Fisker Ocean is meant to bring green EV performance to the masses thanks to its affordable base price and impressive EV stats, but are customers interested in an off-road Fisker, or is this an attempt to gain attention while they figure out how to build their SUV in time for the 2021 production date?

When the Fisker Ocean SUV was revealed before the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show it took the world by surprise. Fisker promised that Ocean SUV customers would benefit from a starting price of only $37,000. To reserve an Ocean, perspective customers can put down a $250 deposit to get in line for the 2021 production start date.

Gallery: 2021 Fisker Ocean

Besides the impressive pricing, the Ocean SUV offers similar performance you’d expect from a much more expensive Tesla. The Ocean boasts a total output of over 300 horsepower which propels the Ocean from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. Fisker states the Ocean will have a 300-mile range and utilize a fast charger to gain 200 miles of range in only 30 minutes of charging.

Fisker plans to reveal the off-road version of the Ocean SUV in 2021 to showcase the electric SUV’s application as an electric alternative to current military transport and replacement for a gas-powered consumer off-road vehicles. Fisker claims the low center of gravity provided by the battery pack is a massive advantage for off-roading in addition to the torque of the electric motors.

Would you take a Fisker Ocean over the upcoming electric Hummer? Or would you prefer to stick with a tried and true Jeep Wrangler of Land Rover for your off-road adventures?

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