If you’re in the market for an exotic supercar or luxury SUV but you aren’t pleased with the looks or exclusivity of factory offerings, let me introduce you to the team at Mansory. This German-based tuner and upholstery shop takes your ordinary exclusive vehicles and turns them into unique creations specifically built for customers that want to stand out from the crowd. To get an idea of what Mansory has been up to in recent months, Youtuber Rana65556 stopped by to get a look at their entire lineup.

First, we see the Lamborghini Urus by Mansory. The Urus is far from subtle from the factory, but somehow the Mansory version is even more in your face. First, we have the revised exterior that features an exposed carbon fiber hood, massive rear spoiler, and then a host of exposed carbon bits. The exterior color is a custom matte blue paint that sets this Urus apart from the stock examples purchased from a dealership.

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If you thought the exterior was polarizing, wait until you see the interior. The customer of this Urus must list blue as their favorite color because the interior prominently features blue everything. There’s also an LED panel in the roof to mimic Rolls-Royce’s signature starry night headliner. 

For customers who prefer a more comfortable SUV, Mansory also offers their take on a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The exterior of the Cullinan is treated to a matte two-tone finish with larger wheels to distinguish it from a stock example. Climb into the interior and you’re surrounded by bright teal trimmings on virtually every surface. Is it more polarizing than the Urus’s blue interior?

Mansory builds some of the most interesting vehicles on the road. Although many car enthusiasts look at this brand in a negative light, their unique take of vehicles most people cannot afford is a great topic of conversation for that, I am thankful.

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