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Update: Added official information from Cadillac.

Another day, another rumor surrounding Cadillac and its defunct Blackwing twin-turbo V8 engine. But is it actually dead? Nobody really knows, and that apparently includes executives at Cadillac. Motor Trend recently had occasion to speak with Cadillac Executive Chief Engineer Brandon Vivian, who offered coy responses as to whether the engine might find its way beneath another Caddy hood.

In an official statement to, a Cadillac spokesperson confirmed the conversation between Vivian and Motor Trend took place, but clarified that there are no plans regarding the engine to announce at this time.

In short, Vivian allegedly said he would “relish the opportunity” to use the Blackwing V8 in another vehicle. Perhaps of greater significance, the report claims that Cadillac is examining opportunities for using the engine. As for specifics on what that means, no information was offered save for the situation requiring the right combination of product and segment. It’s basically a non-answer, but it does suggest Cadillac isn’t quite ready to bail on what was a very sizable investment that ultimately saw very limited production in the CT6-V.

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This latest buzz comes after a false rumor in early March suggesting Cadillac had a deal to send Blackwing engines to Manifatture Automobili Torino (MAT), the company behind the Aspark Owl and the Lancia Stratos reboot. Cadillac stepped in to kill that rumor, which apparently originated as a misunderstanding from MAT President Paolo Garella as to what Cadillac’s intentions were. Beyond that, open-ended comments from Cadillac executives regarding “a little bit of Blackwing” living on in other cars are also on the record in recent interviews, but it won’t appear in the CT5-V or Escalade – two existing platforms that seem to be obvious choices for the engine.

To say Cadillac has been sending mixed signals as-of late is a terrific understatement. We have the company’s surprise announcement of the CT6-V and the Blackwing V8 to its equally sudden cancellation. Then there’s the utterly bizarre decision to add number badges to models representing torque in Newton-meters. And pretty much everyone recalls the terrific confusion when the CT4-V and CT5-V were revealed last year as the company’s new high-performance sedans, only to find both cars severely lacking in power compared to previous models.

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It seems Cadillac’s future is certainly a foggy one.

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