Afzal Kahn has reportedly turned down a £6,000,000 offer to buy his highly prized "F1" license plate.

How much would you pay to own Britain's highly prized "F1" license plate? £100,000? £500,000? Try £6,000,000 but even that wasn't enough to temp Afzal Kahn - from A Kahn Design - who currently uses the plate on his Bugatti Veyron.

According to the Daily Mail, Kahn declined the offer despite having only paid £440,625 ($685,745 / €512,700) for the plate back in 2008. Had he sold the plate, he would have made a healthy profit of about £5.5 ($8.6 / €6.4) million.

When asked about the offer, a spokesperson said "We have received a significant multi-million pound offer for the F1 plate which we rejected out of hand." The representative added "Mr Kahn has no interest in selling F1, which is his favorite plate."

Afzal Kahn turns down six million pound offer for F1 license plate - report